Meet the City View Staff...

 Marc Sharp
Marc Sharp has been happily married to Ginger for over 20 years. They have four sons (of which they are very proud)!
Marc and Ginger came to Lubbock in 1996 to help plant Christ Comunity Church and were there until 2009, serving as worship leader, children's pastor and associate pastor during his tenure. After a four year hiatus from vocational ministry, Marc began serving as Executive Pastor for City View in April of 2013, and became the Lead Pastor in January of 2015.
Ginger is Marc's partner in the gospel and his very best friend. She serves City View by coordinating our Small Group ministry.

David Walt
Associate Pastor
David and Caty Walt have been members of City View for over ten years. David and Caty met in Austria when they were teenagers, both of them coming from missions families. They have 3 young children.
David has been a part of City View's preaching team since 2012. He is a gifted teacher who loves to make the message of the Gospel clear to his audience. 
Caty serves as the leader of City View's worship ministry. She is a skilled singer, musician and songwriter who enjoys using her talents to bring glory to God and create an atmosphere of true and spiritual worship. 

Curtis Sharp
Youth Ministries Director
Curtis Sharp is a student at Texas Tech University. He began leading City View Youth in January of 2015 after being a faithful member of the youth group for 6 years. He is a graduate of Kerygma Ventures "Leadership Expedition", an event that radically impacted his worldview.
Curtis' desire in leading is to see young people fully embrace the depth of the gospel, while fully enjoying the adventure of being young!

Judy Burk
Office Coordinator
Originally from San Angelo, Judy met and married her high school sweetheart, David, in Lubbock, where they started their family. They have been married over 45 years and have two grown children and four grandchildren.
After moving to Dallas and spending 34 years there, the Burk's returned to Lubbock in 2005 and began attending City View.
The thing she likes most about her job is interacting with the City View staff and serving the congregation.