Domestic Missionaries


Glenn and Twila Polk - Post, TX

Ministry: Ragtown Gospel Theater



Glenn and Twila Polk have been faithful members of our congregation for years. In 2002 they saw the fulfillment of a long term dream come to pass with the opening of Ragtown Gospel Theater in Post, Texas. Their vision is to share the Gospel through drama, and Glenn and his brother Chip have produced such plays as "Peter The Rock", "Joseph the Carpenter", and "The Baptist". The venue for these performances is a beautiful, state -of-the-art theater designed to model first-century Jerusalem. For information on current performances, directions, tickets, and a wealth of information about their ministry, please visit




Randy and Tonya Daniel - Lubbock, TX

Ministry: Sin City Ministries



Randy and Tonya both grew up in Lubbock and have been active in different types of ministry for over 20 years.  They have been youth pastors, had home churches, led evangelistic outreaches and planted churches in the area.  In 2010 they began Sin City Ministries here in town.  They help the homeless at Grace Campus downtown and have a Tuesday night service open to anyone who needs care and the grace of Jesus.  Their son, Caleb, is a college student and works with them.  Randy's focus is on loving people into the kingdom one at a time.